You’re experiencing a health or fitness issue that’s muscular in nature. You may have exhausted several different methods, and you still haven’t gotten back to your sport, your activity, your job, or your life as you had hoped you could. What you really need is a muscular system specialist. What you need, SOZOfit can provide.

Serving Atlanta since 2007 with Muscle Activation Techniques™, micro-adaptation training and more, Jennifer Novak is a certified and experienced muscle specialist who applies advanced biomechanical knowledge that is completely individualized to your situation. The goal? To help your body recapture what your muscles may have lost from stress, trauma or overuse. Hundreds of people from all levels of fitness and a variety of both acute and chronic conditions have come here to improve athletic performance, injury recovery, post-surgical restoration and quality of life. This may be the missing piece in your wellness quest. Find out what we can do to restore your muscles, and you can regain your life.